Stephen Day is a recognized composer, producer, instrumentalist, and teacher proficient in classical guitar, vocals and drums … and the list could go on! His work is just as varied, crossing over from Western classical to Indian classical to jazz, folk and rock"
- Mohini Sule, BBC READ BBC Interview with Stephen

"Outstanding success in learning the intricacies, moods, and movements of various traditional ragas which he renders in public performances with breath-taking mastery and consummate artistry, while adhering firmly to the purity and scholastic principles of India's rich classical tradition."
- Sir C.P. Srivastava, former Private Secretary to India's Prime Minister Lal Bahudur Shastri

An "exceptionally talented musician", with "impressive talent and brilliance in creativity"
- the Late H.P. Salve, Director of the P.K. Salve Academy of Fine Arts and Music

"Steven Day is a musician that uses his sarod playing to elevate our hearts and minds so that we may more readily access the spiritual dimenion of our selves. His music ranges from the lightness of a breath through the majesty of the celestial spheres. Steven address's the spiritual and social dimension of the world of today. I celebrate with him the dawning of our "new" world."
- Gary Goldberg, In The Spirit WRPI 91.5 fm Troy, New York

"Stephen Day's sarod playing creates a magical music experience for our listeners. He is always a welcome guest on 'The Woodstock Roundtable.' "
- Doug Grunther, Host "The Woodstock Roundtable"


Stephen Day's music flows from the spirit within. Through this inspiration he weaves the intricacies of Western harmony with the depth of Eastern melody and rhythm. He is a recognized composer, producer, instrumentalist, vocalist and teacher, proficient in classical guitar, sarod, vocals and drums. He works in multiple genres, including Western classical, Indian classical, jazz, folk, and rock music.

Stephen's studies are as varied as his music. He concentrated on classical guitar at the Vancouver Academy of Music with Robert Jordan, songwriting in New York City with Chris Cutler, vocals with Keith Bennett in Vancouver, and theory and performance at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and McGill University in Montreal. Stephen studied sarod and Indian vocals at the P.K. Salve Academy of Music and Fine Arts and is currently a student of the world-renowned sarod master Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Steve began a teaching career in the early 90's, which led to a position at the Chilliwack Academy of Music near Vancouver, Canada, where he directed programs in guitar and vocals.

Stephen Day's performance career has taken him to twenty one countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. His audiences are comprised of people from all nations, caste and creed who are seeking to enrich their own spiritual awareness. He has shared the stage with some of the great maestros of Indian classical music, including Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, his sons Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash (sarod), Nishat Khan (sitar), Sukivinder Singh (tabla), and Pratap Pawar (dance). In the West he has collaborated with Matt Malley (bass player of the Counting Crows), Chris Cutler, Keith Bennett (voice and harmonica), Barrie Gledden (Boosey and Hawkes composer), Patrick Hawes (Boosey and Hawkes composer), Steve Dawson (slide guitar, dobro), Jeannette Singh (violin in the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra), Levine Andrade (violinist London Symphony Orchestra), and the London Telharmonic Orchestra.

Stephen Day work as a producer and composer has been primarily in the exciting field of crossover music. After completing two CDs for the global music company Boosey and Hawkes, he moved to Los Angeles to work directly with filmmakers. He has since had music placed on TV shows on MTV, NBC and the BBC and collaborated on music for the AFI produced film ‘Badger’ and the Paradise Filmworks DVD ‘Origins of Yoga’. His music can be heard in the film Formula 51 starring Samuel Jackson and in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Naked in Ashes’. Stephen is currently working on the sound and music for the film ‘Rules of War’ starring Kate Conner..




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